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All Snelheid Cycles Electric Bikes start life from a bare frame which is strengthened and modified to accept the added weight, torque, and unique features of our proprietary Electrical System. This is a complete, integrated system which is not sold separately from the bike.

Each Snelheid Ebike features a Carbon Fiber Battery Box which houses energy dense Lithium Polymer Batteries. There are external ports for Battery charging and balancing, and a “PowerKey” which when removed, disconnects the circuit from the Batteries and Electronics Controller keeping it safe and secure when not in use.

From throttle to motor our ebikes feature hand fabricated wiring harnesses utilizing oversized (10awg) wires for the Batteries. Over two dozen proprietary components such as the Voltmeter, Battery Box, and Dropout Reinforcements are fabricated for each bike. Components such as the Motor and Batteries have been chosen specifically to achieve low overall weight, balanced handling, and rapid acceleration.

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