Our Bikes

All Snelheid Cycles Electric Bikes start life from a bare frame which is strengthened and modified to accept the added weight, torque, and unique features of our proprietary Electrical System. This is a complete, integrated system which is not sold separately from the bike.
Each Snelheid Ebike features a Carbon Fiber Battery Box which houses energy dense Lithium Polymer Batteries. There are external ports for Battery charging and balancing, and a “PowerKey” which when removed, disconnects the circuit from the Batteries and Electronics Controller keeping it safe and secure when not in use.
From throttle to motor our ebikes feature hand fabricated wiring harnesses utilizing oversized (10awg) wires for the Batteries. Over two dozen proprietary components such as the Voltmeter, Battery Box, and Dropout Reinforcements are fabricated for each bike. Components such as the Motor and Batteries have been chosen specifically to achieve low overall weight, balanced handling, and rapid acceleration.
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The Tyro is our entry level model. With a top speed of 20mph, and a range of at least 20 miles per charge, this bike will get you all around town, no sweat.

Starting at $2299


The Leider is our enhanced performance model. With a 27mph top speed, and a range of over 25 miles per charge *, this High Performance model is designed to outperform our competitors.

Starting at $2799


Carbon Fiber Battery Box

Carbon Fiber Battery Box

Genuine Carbon Fiber panels, precisely cut to our specifications are utilized for the battery box. The Battery Box is an integrated unit considered part of the frame and is not meant to be removed. It features four external ports for battery balancing, and utilizes the PowerKey ports for charging.
Power Key

Removable "PowerKey"

The PowerKey connects the battery pack to the Electronics Controller. Without the PowerKey in place, the electrical circuit is disconnected and the ebike cannot be powered on. This location also doubles as the bike’s charge port. Plug it in like a cell phone with the supplied charger to charge. The PowerKey itself is small enough to fit in your pocket. This feature is unique to Snelheid Cycles and is not offered by any of our competitors.

Metal dropout reinforcements and wire covers

Special attention was given to long term durability. We have added strength and protection from the elements where necessary. These metal pieces have durable rubber coverings and seals to protect them from the harshest weather.
Custom integrated voltmeter

Custom integrated Voltmeter

This hand fabricated piece acts as the "Fuel Gauge" and is mounted on the handlebar for easy viewing. The voltmeter lights up indicating the ebike is powered on and ready to go.
Custom wiring

Custom wiring

We fabricate our own wiring harnesses using the highest quality multi-strand, silicone wires available. Oversized wires for the Battery System (10awg) and Motor (12awg) ensure the electrical system operates safely and efficiently.
Balance ports

Battery balance ports

The Battery Balance ports allow the individual battery cells to be monitored externally with the provided cellmeter. Monitoring the cells voltages is the first step in ensuring long term battery performance.
Balance ports

Smart charger

The provided Smart Charger has an LCD display and automatically stops when finished charging. It also has the ability to balance the individual battery cells. Periodically balancing the cells will ensure safe and reliable running for years. An upgraded Fast Charger is available which allows charge times to be reduced from 4-5hrs to 1-1.5hrs.

Inherent Lightness

Minimizing weight has always been a focus as we’ve spent over 2 years refining our design. By using a Single-Speed setup, we avoid the weight from extra gears, levers, and cables. By custom fabricating our own wire harnesses to exact lengths, we do not have extra cable dangling dangerously, and cluttering the look of the bike. We have optimized what is necessary, and deleted what is not needed.