1. Does it recharge when you brake, like a hybrid car?

    This type of motor is geared and does not allow for regenerative braking. However, the motors that do weigh twice as much, do not produce as much low-end torque, and do not coast like an ordinary bike as ours does. Since we are trying to achieve light weight and high performance, it was a no-brainer to go with the more expensive, lightweight, and better performing geared motor.

  2. How does it handle rain/snow/sleet/hail?

    The all weather tires are designed to handle all sorts of conditions, so you can be assured that traction won't be a problem. The battery box is not completely sealed from the elements, but there is no risk of shock or anything related if you get caught in a thunderstorm.

  3. How long do the components last?

    Our prototypes have been ridden hard for over 6000+ miles in a 2+ year period. We have continually tweaked the design to make it more durable, reliable, weatherized, and of better quality. Under normal riding conditions and use, expect your Snelheid to last for thousands of miles, over many years with minimal maintenance.

  4. I have never ridden an e-bike. What is it like?

    It doesn't feel exactly like riding a bike, but it is not like a scooter either. Being able to pedal gives you the feeling and control that you are used to on a bike, but the weight and torque on the back wheel make it much more of a scooter like feel. So far, everyone that has test ridden our e-bike has come back with a big smile, and we have yet to hear anything but rave reviews.

  5. That sweet carbon fiber box looks pretty big. Won't I kick it when I pedal?

    We have custom designed the box to stay out of the way, while also keeping the weight of the batteries forward and low to the ground. Our box is narrow enough that your feet will stay clear as you pedal. Optional Toe-Clips are available which provide insurance that your feet stay clear of the box.